On Tuesday 5 May, Imanpack is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
It is a significant milestone for the company, whose strength lies in its vast experience of continually searching for innovative solutions.
For us at Imanpack, the last 40 years have meant a great deal: experience, know-how, searching for new solutions, achieving goals, successfully meeting challenges, constant dedication, enthusiasm and above all growth.
Imanpack was founded in 1975 in Santorso, in the province of Vicenza. It made its debut in the packaging market with the launch of Micropac, the first small horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machine, which was an instant hit in all markets and really set the benchmark for the entire flow-pack field. In the following years, the company pushed forward and developed electronic counting units, VFFS machines and product feeding systems.
In 1983, the product range was expanded again with the addition of linear and torsional counting/weighing machines. In the late 1980s, the company decided to start making rigid packaging machines: vertical and horizontal cartoning machines, wrap around machines and box forming and closing machines.
Imanpack could now offer a comprehensive selection of flexible and rigid packaging solutions. The range was soon expanded once again with the introduction of pick & place machines and palletizers.
The innovation continued year after year, leading to the development of no fewer than 16 models of horizontal wrapping machines and 12 models of vertical wrapping machines, in a number of different versions.
In 2009, the long-standing company was renamed Imanpack Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.A. after a change of ownership.
Imanpack continues to invest in the design of new product lines and updates to its existing machines. It has increased its budget for trade fairs and expansion in countries whose economies are showing good signs of growth and are ready for high-tech automation investments.
We would like to list just a few of our many accomplishments:

-    In 40 years in business, Imanpack has developed a broad range of packaging solutions to cater to the needs of a number of industrial fields, including: hardware products, assembly kits, wet wipes, food and plastic products.

-    Over the past 40 years, Imanpack has gradually expanded and consolidated its network of representatives. It now has a firmly established global sales network that can provide technical and commercial support and advisory services all over the world.

-    The company currently has more than 60 members of staff and a constantly growing turnover.

Today, we are simply marking “our first 40 years”: our pledge to our customers is that we will continue along the same path and carry on searching for innovative solutions and enhancing our products and our support and spare parts services.
We are grateful to our representatives, all of our customers and our employees for the loyalty and dedication that they show every day. We will go on filling them with the drive and energy to produce innovative machines and solutions, so that we can remain a competitive force in the international packaging and automation industry.
After 40 years, the journey continues.
Stay by our side!

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