Video - Automotive LPG kits

Our counting modules lines can be effectively used in any case when a package with various items is needed, as for these automotive kits for LPG systems.

This line includes as many counting modules as the number of different items to be wrapped. The CMF5 counting modules can vary in dimension and shape according to the product. In this case we installed a cone-shaped module, particularly suitable for thin or flat items, such as these gaskets. The seven modules select the desired amount of pieces filling the bucket conveyor that runs all along the counting line. Buckets are filled as they move towards the packaging machine. The Microvert PRO 200, in the end, wraps kits in polyethylene bags.

Imanpack designs and builds packaging lines for kits including fasteners, small parts, hydraulic materials, furniture accessories and more. Visit our YouTube channel to view some of our best machines.

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