Video - Counter scale and box sealer for screws boxes

Most of our machineries are developed for the hardware industry, in which we have gained a remarkable experience over more than 40 years. We offer counter scales suitable for screws, nails, bolts and nuts of any size, coupled with vertical packaging machines to wrap in polyethylene bags or with box forming/closing machines and box sealers to pack in carton boxes. 

The packaging line in this video shows an MCWS7 counter/scale feeded by a vibrating hopper. Two lines of roller conveyors carry the boxes under the counter/scale outlet to be filled and thus toward the box sealer to be closed with adhesive tape.

Any Imanpack machine can be integrated in existing production lines and synchronized with upstream/downstrem machines.
Besides counter/scales and box forming/closing machines we also offer labellers and palletizing systems with pick&place robots, to build a complete packaging line for hardware products in carton boxes, from weighing to handling.

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