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One of Imanpack's strength is building packaging systems for hardware kits, small parts kits, furniture accessories kits. The hardware industry is our core business and over the years we have designed and installed any kind of kit packaging lines, improving our machines and gaining a remarkable know-how. 

We present here a complete packaging line including four CMF5 counting modules, bucket conveyor, Microvert PRO 300 vertical packaging machine, checkweigher and motorized roller conveyor for carton boxes carrying. Such packaging lines have plenty of room for customization and can also include manual loading tables or be prearranged, in order to fulfill future needs, to be integrated with some other counting modules, even with sound absorbing coating, like the ones her shown.
The checkweigher ensures the correct composition of each bag, rejecting the faulty ones before they are dropped in the carton box.

We are specialized in packaging machines for hardware and kits, but we also operate for any other industry, from food to medical devices. Take a look at our YouTube channel and see some of our best solutions.

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