Video - Packing line and palletizing system

Our customers in the hardware industry can rely on an expertise built in decades of design, production and installation of machines and machinery, often combined with automated palletizing systems.

This machinery includes a packing line with a box forming machine MTRF2000, a weigher MCWS3 Twin and a box closing machine MC2000, coupled with a palletizing line with pallet magazine, roller conveyor and palletizer robot. It is suitable for screws in different size to be packed in boxes up to 8 kg weight. Boxes are sealed by means of hot melt glue and labelled before beign arranged on the pallet. The whole palletizing process is automated: a pallet is picked from the pallet magazine and sent to the filling station on the roller conveyor; the palletizer robot places a carton sheet on the pallet and arranges the boxes according to the palletizing layout. When the pallet is filled it moves forward on the roller conveyor and the cycle is repeated.

Our expertise in designing and building packaging machinery allows us to provide efficient and performing automated lines. Take a look at our YouTube channel to see our machines working and discover their versatility.

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