Video - Weigher MCWS7 with roller conveyors for KLT

Imanpack's wide range of piece counting/weighing machines allows each customer to find the best fitting machine for its product, whether it is metal or plastic hardware, of small or big size.

MCWS7 is a versatile and reliable weigher, suitable for hardware up to 200 mm in length. This installation for nuts and bolts includes also a roller conveyors system for plastic containers or carton boxes. The first conveyor carries empty boxes and a pusher sends them to the filling station under the weigher's outlet. Once filled, another pusher moves them to the outfeed conveyor.
The weigher is feeded by a vibrating hopper and works with two different vibrating chutes, one for roughing and one for finishing.

Imanpack provides efficient and accurate counting and weighing systems for hardware products and more. Visit our YouTube channel to discover our solutions for counting, weighing, packaging and palletizing.

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