Video - Weighing and packing line for screws

Imanpack's solution for many hardware items to be weighed and packed is a complete Box line including box forming machine, dosing machine and box closing machine. When it is necessary to make bundle packs it is possible to add a bundle wrapper for shrink film, as we did for this line for self-tapping screws.

Screws are dosed by the counter/scale MCWS2 and fill boxes formed by the TRF2000; when the product is settled inside the boxes and its level is checked they are ready to be closed with hot melt glue by the C2000 box closing machine. In the last step a bundle wrapper collects 4 boxes and firmly wraps them in shrink film as they go through the shrink tunnel.

On our YouTube channel you will find many other machines and lines to weigh, count, wrap and pack several hardware items such as bolts, nuts, nails, washers, fittings and more.

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