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Imanpack, experience at the service of customers since 1975.

Imanpack, with over 60 collaborators, presents a complete line of automatic packaging systems to meet the demands of a vast range of industries, such as food, non-food, medical, wet wipes, hardware and technical products.

Imanpack now has a production range that works alongside comprehensive and highly automated packing systems, using latest generation microprocessors to manage all production phases.

  1. Horizontal flow-pack machines
  2. Vertical wrapping machines
  3. Counting and Weighing machines
  4. Carton forming machines
  5. Palletizing and Handling machines
  6. Optional devices

Are you interested in expanding your business and become an Imanpack agent, signing an agency contract for the sale of our packaging machines and the supply of after-sales services in your area?


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