Equaliser conveyor belt

Two-section conveyor belt of variable length and speed to adapt to production flows and correctly feed the packaging machine according to production capacity.
It feeds the products to the packaging machine without crushing or overlapping of units.

• Conveyor belt and synchronisation belt with movement balanced by motorised axes.
• Conveyor belt driven by asynchronous three-phase motor.
• Equaliser belt driven by two brushless motors:
  - First motor to drive the motorised axes and move the meeting point between the two belts.
  - Second motor to drive the synchronisation belt movement.
• Photocell at the meeting point between the two belts to detect the presence of the product and ensure accumulation.
• Photocell on the synchronisation belt to detect the presence or absence of the product and decrease or increase the belt speed accordingly, so as to feed the packaging machine in a consistent and uniform manner.
• Machine built according to CE Standards.

Software for the management and control of packaging machines

The CAESAR software is designed to be integrated with the Imanpack packaging machines. It provides management and control over the entire line via Personal Computer, with both fixed or mobile devices (tablet or smartphone).

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