As easy as 1-2-3 - Counting and weighing solutions for electrical equipment

Your electrical components will love our counting and weighing machines – and so will you.

Our advanced counting and weighing machines are key to increase efficiency and accuracy in your end-of-line operations. With Imanpack, you can seamlessly integrate your dosing and packaging functions with your upstream production line or warehouse.

No matter how you want to handle your products and feed them to the counting, weighing and packaging machines, we can help you take care of it.

Thanks to our customized software, we can effectively integrate our machines with your upstream processes. Depending on the functionalities that we will agree together, we can communicate directly machine-to-machine or exchange data with your ERP. Or, very simply, adapt the pace of our machines to the manual loading of your operators.

Key features of our counting and packaging systems for electrical components include:

  • Great accuracy: our automated systems ensure that each pack contains the exact amount of each type of component, meeting quality standards and customer expectations.
  • Effortless and user-friendly format changeover: fast format changeover, allowing operators to switch between different formats in record time to meet dynamic demand.

…and you will be able to join the packaging revolution: thanks to our long-standing experience with new materials, we can pack your products in paper bags – new for technical products – and cardboard boxes.

Take a moment to watch this video to see the counting and weighing capabilities in action:

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