Imanpack showcases versatility and Expertise in Hardware and kit industries

As well as in the hardware industry, Imanpack proves its expertise in the kit industry. Demonstrating our commitment to innovation and efficiency, we have successfully developed complex packaging production lines using a variety of packaging machinery.

Weighers, counting modules, packaging machines, carton forming and closing machines and other equipment can assemble an integrated system for hardware kits, small parts kits, furniture accessories kits, hydraulic items kits, cutlery kits for catering and much more.

Our large range of dimonstration videos on recent solutions we provided to clients, in the field of kit packaging, is available on our YouTube channel (short video) and on our intranet area.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its dedication to providing personalized packaging solutions that address each client's distinct challenges. Through open communication, active listening, and a client-focused mindset, Imanpack strives to exceed customer expectations and build lasting partnerships

We are available for further request in case of needs.

Contact us and visit our YouTube channel Packaging Solutions for KIT Playlist, to see our very wide range of machines for primary, secondary packing and also robotics up to end of line and palletizer for KIT.

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