Imanpack unveils an innovative packaging line for door hinge cover plate kits

This packaging line for kits of door hinge cover plates is designed to increase the efficiency and precision of the packaging process.

Accurate product dosing, facilitated by CMF5 counting modules, each equipped with a conical basket, is at the heart of the system. This configuration is particularly suited to ensure accurate dosing of the flats required in door hinge covers.

  • In the packaging process, the pieces are carefully selected and then carefully packed in polyethylene bags. The Microvert PRO vertical packaging machine expertly handles this task. Designed to meet the highest industry standards, the machine ensures a seamless and efficient packaging process.
  • A belt checkweigher is incorporated into the line to ensure quality and compliance with weight specifications. The checkweigher carefully checks the weight of each pack and identifies any deviations from the defined tolerances. Any packs outside the acceptable weight range are immediately rejected, ensuring that only accurately weighed and packed products pass through the production line.

For more information on this ground-breaking packaging solution, or to find out how Imanpack can tailor packaging solutions to your specific requirements, please contact usWe are here to answer all your inquiries and provide additional information.


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