Work with us as Sales Agent

We are currently recruiting agents to assist in making the sales for our products and services.

We are looking for Agents and this is a new opportunity to join a well established growing organisation that has been working since 1975 in providing packaging solutions.
Imanpack, with more than 70 partners and 58 agents all over the world, provides a complete range of automatic packaging systems to meet the needs of any industry: food, hardware and kit, paper and publishing, automotive and spare parts, house care and personal care, pharmaceutical, textile, catering, wet wipes and much more. 
Imanpack provides worldwide technical support: our skilled personnel is available to support our customers for any issue regarding their machine and provide technical service on-site and by phone. We ensure accurate and effective interventions even after the machine has been installed.
Our Italian company is certified TUV and CE and one of our distinguishing features has always been the ability to manage the customer relationship at our best. We developed some of our most innovative projects in conjunction with the customer.

Are you interested in expanding your business? 

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