Imanpack Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.A. has put in place its own Quality Management System for the “design, production, commissioning and support for packaging machines, packing lines and automated recycling centres”, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 to ensure the correct development of the processes required to pursue the corporate plan and goals to achieve and maintain a level of organisation that matches that of its competitors worldwide.

The main objective of the Imanpack Packaging S.p.A. quality policy is to guarantee and meet the expectations and demands of its customers, and focuses on the following principles:

  • to meet all customer, applicable and corporate requirements;
  • to continually improve the level of efficacy of the quality management system;
  • to guarantee high levels of production and organisational flexibility;
  • to supply a product tailored to meet individual customer demands, with an excellent quality/price ratio;
  • to guarantee the performance of supplied products;
  • to guarantee customers prompt communications;
  • to provide a professional and reliable corporate image;
  • to motivate Imanpack employees by involving them in corporate decision-making processes and acknowledging the value of each and every individual;
  • to provide superior levels of technical support services to its customers;
  • to promote continuous technological innovation of products.

The above policy is put in place and applied with specific formalised objectives during the routine reviews of the adopted quality management system, by all the heads of all corporate departments, within the extent of duties and responsibilities.

The quality policy is reviewed annually to verify its adequacy following any changes that may have occurred in circumstances and know-how.

The quality policy is also disseminated to all our customers and all Imanpack employees, using both online and offline means of communication.