Keep your machinery in perfect working order.

Choose one of our technical support options and ensure high performances and the best working conditions for your machine.

Worldwide technical support

Imanpack provides worldwide technical support. Our technicians carry out technical interventions and on-site maintenance with the appropriate tools and expertise for the machine they are called to work on.

Technical service

Our skilled personnel is available to support you for any issue regarding your machine and provide technical service on-site and by phone. We ensure accurate and effective interventions even after the machine has been installed.

Personalized quotations

Whatever is your packaging and production need our technical salesmen can identify the solution that best fit with it. We are specialized in efficient, safe and high-performance custom solutions.

Planned maintenance

Imanpack provides planned maintenance programs ensuring the machine efficiency by the scheduled checking of the machine devices and components.

Service contracts

Contact us and select one of the available service contracts. This entitles you to have special discounts on the spare parts purchasing and to schedule a maintenance intervention (ordinary/special/preventive).

Multilingual service

Our technical staff can help you in your language: Italian, English, French and German. Furthermore, the machine handbooks are translated in the most common languages.

Upgrades and options

Customer’s needs can vary over time. Therefore we can provide upgrades and additional devices for your machine, in order to fit it with your occurred requirements.

Online spare parts purchasing: SPS - Spare Parts Service

Spare Parts Service is the online area for spare parts purchasing.
The online catalogue includes all the spare parts for the machine you own, is easy to use and will let you save time and money.
Once the order is placed our staff will take it in charge and you will receive the products at the provided address.


Technical expertise

The expertise gained over several years and the comprehensive knowledge about our products allow us to intervene rapidly and in a short time, also thanks to the prompt stock availability of most of the spare parts.